Have you ever looked at an abstract painting, then breaking a bit of your brain to figure out what makes it so fantastic and worth the ridiculous amount of money? Or have you tried to DIY something and 2 hours later you've pulled it out or disassembled it about 5 times?

When you decide what subjects to take in school, you want to be the 'different' kid to carry around your beautiful sketches from your art class to the next. Little did you know, the pencil was your worst enemy and the eraser was your best friend. I used to think that I wasn't creative because according to the creative measurements, I couldn't draw. I'm sure drawing isn't the only creative expression, so how could I have been judged by what I didn't know? Creativity doesn't always look the way we think, it requires us to look at ourselves differently. I came from a hairdressing background and I was known for doing up styles since I went to boarding school. I thought that anybody would find it easy to be creative when they style their hair, but I was unquestionably wrong! 

My mother was crocheting a bathroom rug and asked me if I could help her get the necessary material to finish it. I agreed to help her, only if she showed me how to crochet. A few weeks later, I had already made a couple of bags and products that proved that I WAS ACTUALLY CREATIVE! My parents' house is very creatively decorated, no wait, it's very EXPRESSIVELY decorated. COLOURS, PATTERNS, PERSIAN CARPETS ETC. I started to think about creativity in a different way. 

Creativity shouldn't be measured like it was in school. It is purely an expression, so how can it be measured? 

It takes a few tries to figure out what your creative expression looks like, but it is worth it! You never know if a successful business could come from it or if you could help people by being creative! 

PS. I still can't draw, but I know I'm helping someone along the way :) 


The Unboxed Creative

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