Meet the vision of a township.

‘Shalam’- To place value and restore purpose.

Instead of poverty, they saw possibility and potential. Instead of crime and abuse, they saw beauty and joy. Instead of limitations, they saw favour and growth. Instead of a township, they saw a precinct. That is what Louisah and Tracey see when they think of Boithuto Community Project.

I’ve often wondered how you uplift and rebuild communities, like Jacksonville. I think about it in a practical way:

  • What is needed?
  • How can I help people?
  • How much will it cost?

At Boithuto, they are much more creative and adventurous! They go from feeding schemes to job creations to book launches, and don’t get me started on their ‘Alice in Squatterland’ Project. What? Yes! You read that correctly. ‘Alice in Squatterland’ is probably one of their most exciting annual projects. This is their fundraising project through dramatic fashion shows that include events like trunk shows, themed tea parties and make-up days. It may sound missable, but until you’ve seen the talent of well accomplished make-up artists, clothing designers and the possibility of investing into the vision of this project, you would buy your ticket ASAP!

When I sat down with Tracey, I couldn’t help but be encouraged by her eyes. It spoke of confidence, possibility, faith and strength. The vision doesn’t only carry possibility for the Jacksonville township, but for every other township and community. She left me with a thought that inspired me to create awareness of a situation that relies on us as a nation.

“The human condition of poverty and unemployment is universal, but we all need to do our part to better this and change as much as we are able to…”

Don't let your current capability hinder your passion to bring change.

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