‘I eventually convinced myself that I wasn’t the “mom” type...'

Meet Mishaya. A mother of two, wife to Nicholas, and a purpose-driven woman that has no limit to her future. Her peaceful eyes and striking smile are enough to capture anyone’s attention. Not only does her life prove that any challenge can be defeated, but that miracles do exist…

‘When I was 17 years old, during a pelvic MRI to investigate the source of severe pain, doctors discovered that I had a condition in which my uterus was an abnormal shape. At the time, I was told that due to this condition it would be very difficult for me to get pregnant and even if I did, I would not be able to carry the baby to a viable point. I didn’t give it too much thought at the time, but as Nick and I got serious in our dating and approached marriage, it became a real concern for me. What if we could never have children? Being a Christian with faith that God could do anything, I began to pray for a miracle. Each year I was diagnosed with one condition after another – each making the possibility of having children less likely. It got to the point of near impossibility. I eventually convinced myself that I wasn’t the “mom” type, and that I didn’t really want a baby anyway, but deep down I was hoping for a miracle.’

At this point, Nicholas and Mishaya were already married for four years and yet, they hadn’t successfully fallen pregnant. After watching The War Room – a faith-based movie about the power of prayer, she decided to take her faith and prayer seriously. She wrote down every story in the Bible where women struggled to conceive and how God had given them a miracle baby. She used each story as a daily reminder of what was possible for she who believes.  

‘One morning, I woke up, completely shaken by what I had just experienced. I had a vivid dream that I was pregnant and gave birth to a little girl. Her face was presented with the most incredible detail and I experienced a love that I’ve never experienced before.’ 

Then, the miraculous happened. Only three months after she watched The War Room, Mishaya found out that she was 5 weeks pregnant. Finally!!

‘The fact that I was able to conceive against considerable odds is a miracle in itself, but what I love about God is that He is interested in the details and He loves to exceed our expectations. When Riley-Jaymes finally arrived, she looked exactly like the dream!’

Amazingly, when Riley-Jaymes was just six months old, Mishaya discovered that she was pregnant again! This pregnancy was not a planned one, but the couple were overjoyed with the news. On 16 June 2018, Brooklyn-Reid was born. Her birth, once again, proved that miracles are real, and that they don’t just happen once.  

‘Both girls have been pure joy, sleeping through the night from day one, with no issues. I prayed for every detail of their lives and so far God has honoured every detail of my prayers. Whether you believe in God or not, babies are a gift to be treasured, appreciated and stewarded faithfully. We have them for just a moment and it is our responsibility to mould them into adults that will positively change the world, by gently releasing the potential within them.’

Nicholas and Mishaya continue to celebrate the incredible gift of life, fulfilling their love for travel and search of bigger purpose in their daily living. They haven’t been surprised with another baby just yet, but they know the family has some growing to do. Mishaya recently started her blog, RaisingMissJaymes.com,  ‘to help young moms transition into the new season of motherhood, without feeling overwhelmed and anxious about what to expect’. She shares her experience in balancing motherhood, being a wife and still pursuing her role as an entrepreneur.

What an incredible Journi!

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